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Eco Village

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Development Visions

GSD Development and solution visions are aiming to emphasise our views of fostering and nurturing better quality of life, better built environment to foster the cultural fabric of life, and protecting the natural environment, minimize waste and conscience of good practices of profitable businesses.

We have an experienced team devoted to these developments, and can also provide clients with development consultancy from the inception to feasibility study to financing and operation.

Prefab modular. HIPPO
We believe as young population is growing, environment are changing faster, many built structures can be built faster with manufactured modular that well performed and cost effective, to accommodate the growing commercial spaces needed and can be in operation quickly. We created HIPPO Company, a manufacture homes company in HCMC , to deliver the fast assembly modular structures to the market.    The process is minimal damages to the environment and cost effective, competitive price and cultural authentic to the location.
This solution is best suite to develop resorts, housing, commercial spaces along waterfront, retail shops, board walks, recreation cabins, emergency housing for natural disasters…
This solution is aiming higher to make smart communities, and performant smart homes for Asia population. This is where we believe will curb climate changes.

Development Team

Tran Quoc Trung

General Director  – GSD Architects – – C: +84 9340 645 86

Mr. Trung cames with 25 years experience design and working with developers big scale projects in US and China. He will lead the development team to develop  lifestyle, branding, strategies, manage the team from the inception to operation.


  • 1991 – Graduated with Distinction Bachelor of Architecture (BOF ARCH), California College of Art (CCA)



Le Cong Anh

Mr. Cong came with 30 year experiences project management and Construction Management. he will work with Development team to execute, coordination project from zoning requirements to design and construction to fit the operation requirements at cost effective and timely manner.


Le Cong Anh

Cuong Nguyen

Mr Cuong came with 30 years experiences in Hotel operation, sale, and management. He hold a MBA from USA.
He will work with development team to set the operation requirements for hospitality and the office lease and sale for residential.


Cuong Nguyen