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Cultural Market plaza, Food production Market

Open-air market is the centre of daily activities in every town and village of Southeast Asia. These farmers markets sell fresh produce, handcrafts and  agrarian-aqua products early in the morning and mostly to homemakers. Through the years, these hubs have deteriorated i.e. hot and humid, low-hygiene, poorly lit or ventilated, and subjected to frequent flooding. This poses health risks and becomes high costs to the nation.

We believe this important component of the urban eco-system can use some transformation e.g. with ample amenities and technology available better manage the markets functions, while retaining its indigenous  and informal culture. Daily shopping, once a chore, can become favourable past-time for both homemakers and career women. We can work with city planners and developers to formulate a development plan that enriches towns and cities.

Push further into what we really like to live is to make all major urban markets become a food production markets, where clean food production can be make on site, this will cut down major cost and damage of food transportation. This model does not exist anywhere in the world.

We are the pioneer of this we can bring changes to our cities.