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Hippo, Prefab Modular

Hippo modular units are manufactured  in controlled environment, where precision and independent from the from weather are benefits to business owners. We designed them to be assembled from 3-5 days on site. This will cut down lot waste of materials, and minimal site damage.

These pre-fab modular are sturdy, durable, affordable, inter-changeable and recycle-able. On-site assembly and dis-assembly are quick. The modular units serve as dream-incubators for entry-level homeowners and young families who will soon need more space or to upgrade. Our hope is to provide next generation with innovative and efficient home without compromising the quality of life. These modular can provide emergency relief shelters,  or quality market-rate homes, also can provide a cost-effective way to meet low-income housing development need for developers.












Container Prefab

We also do prefab container developments such as hotels, and residentials, and dormitories for workers or students, as we believe quality cost effective and profitable method and business model is the key to longterm sustainable development.

Please contact us for detail discussions. we can assure you this type of developments most suitable for VN, Indochina, Myanmar…