GSD architects is an innovative high-end design firm located Vietnam and US, founded by Trung Tran. Mr. Trung believes design must play a role in curbing climate change, bring a truly smarter communities to people, and make beautiful places as the same time. GSD designs hold firm on the innovation with sustainability, culture authenticity to the place, and maximize functional to support client business are the key successes of the projects, and Mr Trung had been exercised the same principles with projects in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia ever since. With Trung’s expertise in commercial, hospitality, civic, residential, urban planning and a believe of “Think Different” innovation designs, in combination of wide range of expertise to deliver world class projects. GSD team is in uniquely positioned to provide solutions for better, smarter communities, developing markets, infrastructures, renewing cities and retrofitting structures through sustainable development strategies.

Vietnam as experimental place for new ideas to serve and potentially duplicate in other places in world. For example, the infrastructure of Vietnam and Southeast Asia operate over-capacity. GSD with its focus on sustainability, community building and wellness will be a part of the urban design solution. Take Ho Chi Minh City as a case in point, in its original French colonial design, Saigon, as it used to be known, was to accommodate 123,890 residents in 1929. Now, it houses 10 million at the flood plane subjected to big flood of global warming. Our wide range of expertise at all scales of development coupled with cultural, economic and contextual sensitivity are the keys to revitalize this “Pearl of the Orient” to meet the growing demand for connectivity and sustainability. Without a paradigm shift, or forward thinking to reorganize population density pattern, and activities, city-dwellers cannot take full advantage of amenities like urban solar farms, vertical clean food production and sidewalks, boardwalks and bike lanes, community health and wellness centers that attract economic development ranging from offices, commercial centers to world-class medical schools.

GSD’s mission is “Innovation for Tomorrow” to create modern landmarks while conserving the scenic and cultural landscape. Our design strategies balance technology and business development with a commitment to preserve culture and heritage. This balance is showcased in the Binh Chanh Children’s Hospital design which won Future Projects – Health – at World Architectural Festival 2011. Besides producing authentic award winning work that ties to the community, GSD also pledges 5% profit to foster grassroots innovation,  securing its place in the community and beyond.