Global Solution Development Architects locates in HCMC, helps make the transition from the familiar to the forward-thinking with architectural designs and urban planning that are culturally affirming and technologically efficient.

Why We Do

We believe innovation designs play a role in curbing climate changes, with sustainable design, fostering a culture authenticity of the place, fostering clients business with  most functional and efficient design. GSD innovation and inspiration derive within the social and historical context of a world on the cusp of change. GSD architectural designs blend modernity and memory to create one-of-a-kind structures that optimize man’s potential and his environment. GSD  exists for and in the community where its ideas seek expressions. Final design should satisfy both client’s wish and ours to leave behind magical built spaces that people come back to time and again to experience cultures and civic life of the cities.

How We Do

We listen and probe for client’s felt need. We then set it against deeper layers and multiple contexts, starting from our primal struggle to survive and succeed, while at the same time yearning to be at home  in the Garden – yet finds ourselves in concrete bunkers. Our design methodology aims to create a sense of place and shared community by integration with nature, blending natural and artificial lighting, juxtaposing texture and tone. We enhance  the known while embracing the unknown.

What We Do

We place client’s wish for renewal above all else. Our approach is rigorous and consistent. From Master Planning to Architecture, from Interior Design to Detailing, We exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of time, materials and budget with “innovation for tomorrow”.

Who We Partner With

GSD selects world’s most reputable partners to offer value-added solutions. Transparency and trust are our operating principles while our mutual objective is to satisfy clients. Our growing list of partners:


Binh Chanh Pediatric Hospital, HCMC, Vietnam.

  • Category: Future Project – Health
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Architects: Trung Tran – Lead Design Architect / VK, Roeselare, Belgium / 2050 A+P, Vietnam / Nhat My, Vietnam
  • WAF Entry: 2011 Future Green Hospital Architecture
  • Award: World Architectural Festival 2011 – Category Winner: 1st place, Best Future Green Hospital Architecture